Consider These Tips When Painting The Exterior Of Your Suffolk County Home!

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Tips For Painting The Exterior Of Your Long Island Home


So you’ve decided that the exterior of your home is looking a little drab, and the answer is a new paint color. Although it might appear to be ego-driven, everyone at least subconsciously, seems to want their house to be the best-looking one on the block. By painting the exterior, whether it’s your porch, patio, deck or the entire home, you’ll have more confidence about its general appearance.

Plus, if you feel like you’ll be selling at some point down the line, you’re going to want to take good care of your home now. Performing some long-overdue maintenance will ensure your home is looking good for many years to come.

While painting your Long Island home’s exterior, might seem like a simple task, there are a few things that need to be considered before you grab your palette and roller.

  • Don’t Forget The Roof.When you’re picking out a color to paint your home, it’s important to make sure that your choice compliments your roof. If your roof is brown, consider a warmer color. If it’s gray, you can choose a cooler shade.
  • Consider Expert Help.Painting your home’s exterior can be expensive, and choosing the wrong shade (among other mishaps) can result in much less money in your pocket. Hiring an expert in exterior painting in the Lower Merion PA area removes the risk from your hands, while still leaving you with a fresh new home.
  • Read The Atmosphere.When deciding on an exterior paint color, look around your neighborhood and think about what types of shades would go well in your area. For example, if you’re living in a city’s suburbs, you probably want to stick to something muted. If you’re living on a beach or in a tropical area, pink or a jewel toned blue might fit the neighborhood better.
  • Make Sure Your Choice Is Legal. The final step in choosing what color to paint your home’s exterior is to ensure that you can paint it at all. Neighborhood and homeowner associations can sometimes dictate the colors you are allowed to paint your home, so before you finalize your choices, make sure that the paint you’ve chosen is allowed.

No matter how you choose to paint your home’s exterior, you will greatly benefit from professional advice. Contact Suffolk County Painters In Long Island to help you determine what types of colors are best for your home, but also how you can get the best return of investment when redesigning your exterior.




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