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Exterior painting in Suffolk County can be a large task to take on yourself. It can also be dangerous depending on what’s being painted. The cost of hiring a painter can be expensive, especially if they’re not a professional painter. This, of course, can cause stress on your wallet and your patience. You can relieve this stress by calling Suffolk County Painters, The Best Painters In Long Island. We are a reputable company that can give your house that curb appeal you desire.

Do you have old paint that’s lost its shine?

Or, paint that has more in common with tree bark than with paint? These are common paint problems homeowners deal with. We have a team of professional exterior painters who specialize in all aspects of the job. If your home is in need of a paint job, let Suffolk County Professional Painters get the job done.

Trustworthy, honest, and fair are just a few words that can be said about the services provided by our painters. We explain what we are going to do before we do it. There are no hidden fees or unknown charges. Just as we are
knowledgeable of the job we are doing we want you to feel just as knowledgeable about the operation. We explain why something should be done and how we came up with the estimate. Everything is individually assessed because homes are different, homeowners are different, and your vision is different. Your home represents and tells the story of the owner. Let us help you tell your story.

Make your home your personal oasis. Turn each room into the room you’ve always dreamed it to be. A bright and lively painted room for the children, boasting of loud and playful colors. An office can have a reserved feel but still
sharp and precision painted for the serious work feel needed for that space.

Walking into your home from a New York winter can now feel warm and comfortable with autumn colors and earth tones. Being able to truly appreciate your Long Island home’s appearance, inside and out, and knowing that you paid a fair price for it, is very gratifying indeed. The job is truly done well. We apply at least two coats of paint.