Why Is My Long Island Home’s Paint Peeling?

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Why Your Paint Peel In Your Long Island Home?


Few things can be as frustrating as seeing paint peel from the walls of your home, especially if you’ve recently invested a large amount of time and energy into painting the home yourself.

At Suffolk County Painters, a leader in Long Island Painting, we want you to enhance your living space. If you’ve noticed that the paint on your walls is beginning to flake, bubble, or peel, the following are some of the most common reasons:

  • Water. By far, the biggest danger to paint is an excessive amount of water. This is especially true if you’re noticing peeling in the bathroom. A leaking roof, a set of pipes that does not hold water as well as it should, or even regular water splashes can cause the base of the paint to degrade, leading to peeling.
  • Poor Surface Preparation. Just like when makeup is applied to the face, paint needs a primed surface to stick adequately. If you’ve been painting on a non-primed wall or uneven surface, it won’t take long to see peeling inside your home.
  • Painting On A Dirty Surface. Dirt, handprints, and markings on your walls may not seem like a big deal, but they can prevent paint from properly sticking to the surface you’re painting. If paint is applied to an extremely dirty surface, it will often bubble immediately.
  • Using Expired Paints. Like most things, paints have an expiration date after which they are not as effective. Some paints may become too thin, and others may freeze and become clumpy. Check the expiration date on the paint you’ve been using — if it’s expired, you should not be surprised that you’re facing peeling issues.
  • Using Too Many Layers. Applying too many coats of paint can cause the material to become too heavy, leading to chipping and peeling. Sometimes, less is more.


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“Are you noticing peeling paint on your walls? Suffolk County Painters is here to help.”


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