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Commercial Painting

Obtain Skilled Commercial Painting Services in the Greater Long Island, NY Area

Does your Long Island Local Business require an experienced commercial painting serviceSuffolk County Painters serves customers in the Long Island Area. You can count on our highly skilled team to supply the type of specialized commercial painting required for projects large and small. Contact us when you are seeking the services for your local commercial business.

Why Choose Us as Your Preferred Commercial Painting Experts?

Painting a plant, shopping mall, office building, or a hospital cost-effectively and safely demands the skills of expert painters. We offer some important advantages. Consider these excellent reasons to hire Suffolk County Painters for your next Long Island commercial painting job:

  • We know the properties and characteristics of various brands of paints and how to apply them to various substrates.
  • We have invested in the equipment and supplies required to perform optimally.
  • We are continually learning about new products and techniques in the industry.
  • We communicate well with the project manager on site. Furthermore, if we detect problems involving painting specifications at a job site, we will alert your project manager to key issues promptly.
  • We are able to work in challenging and physically demanding environments.
  • We strictly follow OSHA safety standards.

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Commercial Painting Services

Many Long Island Painters only know how to serve new construction or residential markets. Suffolk County Painters, however, offers experienced commercial painting. Depend on us to paint your building interiors and exteriors to your satisfaction.

This field demands both care and skill. When you select a contractor to paint your facility you want to ensure you have chosen a firm capable of adhering to OSHA safety regulations and high-performance standards. Our personnel knows the correct procedures to follow to apply a variety of different types and brands of paints. We will work closely with you to help ensure these applications meet your enterprise goals and needs effectively.


What variables sometimes make an enormous difference in the quality of commercial painting? Our company excels in these areas:

Experience: – By choosing an experienced licensed and insured painting company to apply paints and coatings, you benefit from a contractor’s familiarity with different paints, and tools. Our team does not need to satisfy a learning curve in order to complete projects for you efficiently and accurately. We stand behind our work to offer guaranteed satisfaction!

A Local Business: – We possess intimate familiarity with Suffolk County and the entire Long Island area. Our company’s superb reputation in this industry speaks for itself! Our satisfied customers do not wonder where to go for their next commercial painting project. They know they can obtain expert assistance by relying on Suffolk County Painters for all their commercial painting needs.

High Standards: – Selecting a painting company which adheres to high industry standards also offers important advantages. Building managers understand that the application of paint in an industrial or manufacturing setting poses significant safety risks unless performed correctly. When you choose us as your designated contractor, you will gain the assurance that we require our personnel to adhere to robust safety and quality protocols. We won’t endanger your employees or your facilities by cutting corners.

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss our company and our services with you in greater detail. Our staff also appreciates the chance to service all your painting needs. When you seek the services of highly proficient commercial painting specialists, we hope you will think of Suffolk County Painters as your top choice in the Long Island, NY, region! 


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