What To Expect From Suffolk County Painters!

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What To Expect From Long Island’s Best Painters

The most important variable in a painting job on Long Island is the preparation. A properly prepared surface is the key to a long lasting paint job and may mean the difference between painting every few years or a paint job that will last for 15 years. All surfaces to be painted are rendered sound before application of paint/stain. Preparation details vary according to the project, but here is an overview of what you can expect from us:

Interior Preparation

  • Your furniture will be protected from start to finish by moving it to the center of the room and putting it back after completion, and by covering it with drop cloths or poly plastic; wood floors are covered with red rosin paper and drop cloths; carpets are covered with self-adhesive plastic and drop cloths; our goal is to create a clean and safe working environment.
  • All wood surfaces to be painted will be thoroughly washed with a mild detergent or solvent to remove dirt, grease, mildew, soap or oil film that may have accumulated over the years.
  • Ceiling and walls are cleaned to remove cobwebs and surface dirt; if needed they are washed to remove any tobacco or other stains.
  • Any stains and other blemishes that could “bleed through” the new paint will be properly primed using an oil based stain blocking primer.
  • Any loose paint or imperfections on ceilings and walls will be removed by scraping or sanding; cracks and holes are repaired by patching with spackle or drywall compound. Patched and repaired areas are primed before painting.
  • Woodwork is sanded to remove any imperfections, dull the surface, and patched with an epoxy wood patch if needed. Bare wood or areas in need are primed. Open joints and gaps are caulked for a cleaner and more finished appearance.
  • Every effort is made to minimize dust. Work areas are cleaned after completion to create as little disruption to your home as possible. There will be no paint on window panes, carpets, floors, or other surfaces not being painted.
  • Top Quality materials are used; quality paint and materials give the best results and will last longer; two finish coats are usually recommended giving maximum coverage and durability.
  • The work is done in a neat and professional manner by skilled craftsmen who are polite, friendly, and work efficiently; there is no smoking, inappropriate language, or loud music at the site.
  • Touchup paint is labeled and left for the homeowners’ convenience.


  • All surfaces to be finished are washed to remove dirt and contaminants that will shorten the life of a paint job; mold and mildew areas are given special attention and washed with a solution of mold/mildew remover, bleach, and hot water.
  • Shrubbery, walkways, and grass are covered and protected; loose boards, siding, and shingles are secured. Sometimes homeowners are required to trim back shrubbery to provide adequate access to the home.
  • Scrape loose or flaking paint and sand (hand and/or machine) as needed to provide a sound surface; smooth areas such doors, fascia and eves are sanded as needed to accept new paint better; bare wood and problem areas primed with the appropriate primer before the finish coat is applied.
  • Caulk any open gaps around windows, doors, and trim. We typically use a Top Quality Elastomeric caulk. Top quality material and paint is used at all time.
  • One or two finish coats are applied depending on the individual project circumstances to provide a durable, long-lasting finish.
  • Ladders taken down daily and neatly stacked out of the way for safety; the job site is cleaned daily and all trash removed.
  • Touchup paint is labeled and left for the homeowners’ convenience.

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